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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 6, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report tonight. wrong way on a busy highway? wasted. that's the charge against the head of the f.a.a. and we have developments. plus, newt gingrich improving his poll position but can it hold? the numbers show he is ahead in iowa and also leading mitt romney in south carolina. but who has the better chance to actually make it to the white house? tonight, why some conservatives say newt gingrich could become his own worst enemy. the u.s. treasury secretary in europe where the economy is threatening to implode drag us all down. does that mean we need to bail out other countries with money from american taxpayers?
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>> we do not know what secretary geithner is saying in these meetings. is he dangling american cash as an incentive? >> shepard: tonight, the price of saving europe. contraception controversy. should the government mapg make the morning after pill available to anyone. the push to have women order it before holiday parties just in case. tonight, debate over plan b. but, first from fox this tuesday night, newt gingrich skyrocketing in another key early voting state. he is already out in front in iowa. and now he is up by double digits in south carolina, home of the first in the south primary. newt gingrich soaring more than 30 points in september. in a new poll from winthrop university the former house speaker tops mitt romney by almost 20 points which is way out of the margin of area. rick perry and herman cain back in the single digits.
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the survey done mostly before herman cain suspended his campaign. yet another poll puts gingrich on top in the iowa caucuses. this one from "the washington post and abc. the nation's first presidential contest four weeks from today. now, former governor romney is telling fox news we will be seeing a lot more of him down the home stretch. >> we're doing that because the election is getting close. so, it's time for our closing argument. i'm making the closing argument to the american people. this is a time for me making my case. you are going to see me all over the country, particularly in early primary states. >> shepard: one place they will not see him is at donald trump's debate in iowa. the earliest state of all, one week before the caucuses. campaign carl cameron is live in washington tonight. frontrunner gingrich says he will be there if the thing even happens because ed rollins the republic consultant says he doesn't believe it will. >> gingrich met with the donald yesterday to promote this. there have been cancellations. he was out in arizona getting
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endorsed by vice president dan quayle. romney says he is definitely not going to the donald trump debate. the excuse is scheduling debate. some republicans aren't sure that having a reality host g.o.p. debate is not a good idea when they have to go up against obama in the fall, shep. >> shepard: now there is an attack ad in iowa that is significant because it is the first attack ad in iowa. >> that really tells you a whole lot about this race. in the past g.o.p. fight, shep, the attack ads started literally months ago. millions had been spent and a lot of by t. by mitt romney. a month from the caucus and it's ron paul who is launching the first negative attack ad. he is going after gingrich for supporting a health care mandate and profiteering in washington, d.c. as a washington insider. here is a little sample of it. >> support for an individual mandate? folks, don't ask me to explain this. >> everything that gingrich railed against when he was in the house, he went the other way when he got paid to go the
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other way. it's about serial hypocrisy. >> folks are complaining about the prospect of gingrich being the nominee. is he trying to reinvent himself. voters like the new newt. >> shepard: for gingrich, maintaining this momentum could be a challenge. >> he has to defend himself from the attacks like the stuff coming from ron paul now and they are just getting started. he has to avoid shooting himself in the foot which he has been known to do in spectacular fashion and drive republicans bananas. he has to build a ground game in iowa. he is behind in that score. he has to raise a ton of cash to make sure is he compete in several states simultaneous whether i mitt romney who has establishment that goes far beyond the early voting states. >> shepard: a little more than three weeks to go before tax goes up for millions and millions of americans unless that is congress takes action. president obama calling this a make or break moment for the
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middle class. is he using the words of an american icon to pressure republicans to extend the payroll tax cut, even if it means a tax hike on millionaires. so the president traveling to kansas. in fact, a few towns in kansas where a century ago teddy roosevelt gave a peach calling for new nationalism and a square deal for all americans. >> for this roosevelt was called a radical. he was called a socialist. [ laughter ] even a communist. these these aren't democratic values or republic values. these aren't 1% values or 99% values. they are american values. and we have to reclaim them. [ applause ] >> shepard: the g.o.p. leaders claim raising taxes on the rich would hurt job creation but some other republic lawmakers argue we should not extend the payroll tax cut no matter how we pay for it. ed henry is live at the white
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house tonight. the president's speech tonight, ed, prompting new accusations, well, the same accusations but in a different setting, class warfare. >> exactly. same old accusations, shep, the bottom line is the white house pushes back by saying as you noted that the president was essentially borrowing some lines from a former republic president in teddy roosevelt who called for this same kind of fair share for all americans. the white house says this is the underpinning of this president broader economic vision. although they do acknowledge that there an underlying political message here and part of what the president was doing is laying out his vision for 2012 and saying republicans are wrong. take a listen. >> and their philosophy is simple. we are better off when everybody is left to fend for themselves and play by their own rules. i am here to say they are wrong. but leon cooperman, a wall street veteran who says that he has voted for republicans and democrats quite wealthy
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says he is frustrated with this rhetoric from the president saying, quote, rather than create this class warfare dialogue, why key not just say that we are in a difficult economic environment and all of us, all of us have to do more. i'm willing to do more. cooperman saying look, he is willing to may more taxes but he thinks that the president has been out of line with some of this rhetoric, shep. >> shepard: you know, we got word today of the possibility of a bipartisanship plan to extend these tax cuts. is there anything to that? >> every day we seem to get word of a new bipartisanship deal. there is still no final deal. today it was democrat claire mccaskill. republic susan collins coming forward with what they believe is a compromise plan. but it still has 2% surtax on millionaires. also republic leader in the senate saying democrats are dragging out out. they know this this is not going to pass. take a listen.
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on the senate floor while tens of millions of working americans go another week wondering whether they are going to see a smaller paycheck: what senator mcconnell was saying there any version of this payroll has surtax on millionaires is basically, excuse me dead on arrival. take the republicans to pass their own version without a tax increase force democrats to the table and finally have a compromise but not until later this month. shep. >> shepard: ed henry on the north lawn. the emergency contraception drug known as plan b will soon be available to anybody who who wants it regardless of age or that's the proposal. right now plan b, the so-called morning after pill is sold behind pharmacy counters only. anybody under 17 needs a prescription to get it. well, now the food and drug administration is considering dropping that rule. so pharmacies and supermarkets could sell it right on the store shelves.
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let's get to john roberts who is live for us in atlanta. jonathan, some stron opinions on both sides of this debate. >> not quite open warfare but close. supporters say plan b, emergency morning after contraceptive needs to be more widely available in case of emergency to prevent unwanted pregnancy. the science is solid and plan b is safe. critics on the other hand have fought every attempt to try to relax the rules. they are worried about two things. they say it's not just a contraceptive. it can also act like abortion pill. but more importantly they say they are worried about removing the prescription for child under 17 years of age ending that medical oversight. jean monahan is with the family research council. >> we are very concerned about young women's health and don't believe this is in the best interest of young women's health. it's not a decision that's being motivated by science. and really looking out for young women's best interest. being promoted by ideology. >> now, we don't know how the f.d.a. is going to go on this but historically speaking they have been in favor of relaxing
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the rules, so maybe they dual it again tomorrow, shep. >> over at the united kingdom. there is this push to get people to buy plan b in advance of the holidays. >> not buy it, shep, but get it free. the british pregnancy advisory service has launched a campaign aimed at people who do a little bit too much kissing around the mistletoe, get their free pack of plan b just in case. women, girls go online fill out a form and get a packet from a nurse. critics have called this campaign incredibly vulgar doing nothing more than overtly promoting promiscuity. the advisory service trying to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. the web site is santa a lot of people don't think that's very funny, shep. >> jonathan, thanks. armed, dangerous, looking for vengeance. u.s. marshals have been desperately trying to hunt down an escaped prisoner. a man said to be hunting a
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couple people himself. just within a last hour. major development. we will bring it to you next. drama at the federal aviation administration. days after the f.a.a. boss got busted for drunken driving and so much more, he has just come up with, well, a decision. the details ahead from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox report. your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! somebody didn't book with travelocity, with 24/7 customer support to help move them to theool daddy promised! look at me, i'm swimming! somebody, get her a pony! [ female announcer ] the travelocity guarantee. from the price to the room to the trip you'll never roam alone.
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for the people on your list, give from the red cross catalog in their honor. go to today. >> shepard: breaking now a dangerous fugitive an official said was hell bent on revenge back behind bars. cops say they just got the guy david hobson within the last hour after a five day manhunt. on thursday he escaped from a new hampshire prison to carry out a violent vendetta against two men. he led authorities on a twisted trail from new hampshire to maine and back. cops say he stole a car. after he escaped from jail. detectives found the vehicle abandoned in maine: family members home late last night
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or i should say late today. police say they got their guy in rochester new hampshire carry out his mission of revenge. julie banderas is here with the breaking news. who found this guy. >> just got off the phone with the maine state police. they are telling us that the u.s. marshall service actually captured this guy without incident in rochester, new hampshire, a u.s. marshall is actually getting him. it's believed that hobson actually drove to his hometown of alfred, maine after escaping from a jail in new hampshire on november 1st. investigators had executed search warrants at two homes belonging to relatives in nearby sanford. they arrested his father, in fact, glen after searching this cabin that belonged to him and discovering that he had been helping his son by leaving behind supplies. he has been charged with hindering and apprehension. >> shepard: we did this story on "studio b" this afternoon. the state police wouldn't tell us who these two guys they were trying to get were. >> this guy had been sitting in jail on burglary charges. somebody turned them in and he was going for blood. police aren't commenting
4:16 pm
exactly on whose targets were exactly. they did though somehow contact two people after getting a tip we don't know where it came from. they were apparently in hiding. the police were actually protecting them while they went after this 33-year-old who has now been on the run for five days now. they found, i should also mention, significant amount of blood in that car that he stole twoays after escaping from jail. he apparently cut himself badly when he jumped the fence covered in raiser wire at the jail. his father, by the way, is released on bail. no word on whether or not they have issued that thousand dollar reward that they had offered for his capture. >> shepard: julie banderas, thank you. >> sure. >> shepard: the nation's top aviation official resigned this after or said he will after a drunken driving arrest and there is the mugshot. he is the head of the federal aviation administration. randy babbitt submitted his resignation a short time ago. yesterday he requested a leave of absence after cops in virginia caught him driving on the wrong side of a very busy road as they put it drunk.
4:17 pm
babbitt said in his statement and i quote: i'm unwilling to let anything cast a shadow on the outstanding work done 24 hours a day, seven days a week by my colleagues at the f.a.a. they run the finest and safest aviation system in the world. it's the biggest settlement for a mining disaster in our nation. prosecutors warn there could be more pay back ahead. details are coming on that. plus, word of new violence in syria. reports of roving death squads now roving the streets. why is the unitedtates sending its ambassador back there? a live update ahead.
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>> shepard: well, we are in the mix now. secretary of state hillary clinton held a rare meeting in geneva, switzerland with members of syria's opposition
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today. and it happened as the syrian government reportedly continues to slaughter unarmed civilians. the united nations reports more than 4,000 civilians have died since the uprising began in march. syria has banned journalists from covering the blood shed, though some have gotten in. including reporter for sky news, which is our sister network in the united kingdom. he went undercover to witness the violence firsthand. here look. >> welcome to home. [gunfire] it's like this every day the snipers don't stop. nine people have died on this street corner this week. >> stewart ramsey of sky news. today, secretary clinton praised the syrian people for standing up to their president bashar assad's regime.
4:22 pm
>> i think syrians felt in exile and inside syria are behaving with great courage and commitment. and are inspired and motivated by the aspirations of freedom and democracy. >> same time the u.s. ambassador to the syria, robert ford is now heading back to damascus. ambassador ford is an open critic of the syrian government's brutal crackdown. the united states recalled him from syria back in october, told him to get out of there after government supporters threatened to kill him and attack his convoy. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us now to give us some more details on this. the u.s. is talking to the opposition in this case, right? clearly designed to step up pressure on assad. that's about the extent of it for now. >> it is the extent of it. no danger at all that the u.s. is going to take any military action. hillary clinton meeting with the opposition group says the
4:23 pm
clearest signal to president assad that the u.s. administration is now working actively with the protesters who bring about the end of his regime. sending ambassador ford back also sends a signal that they intend to maintain and build on those contacts. that of course, also under intense pressure from the arab league. according to the experts, that might be the most important development so far. listen. >> you are starting to see the region taking responsibility for the issue. all those other leaders are very uncomfortable right now about continuing assad regime just because of some bad things that have happened. none of them want to see the arab spring spread any further. >> significantly russia and iran remain steadfastly supportive of assad even as the rest of the world turns against him, shep? >> shepard: as the rest of the world does turn against him he he seems to be cracking down on his people even more. >> he does. not many journalists syria is trying to prevent them getting in have witnessed exactly what's going on. ramsey of our sister network
4:24 pm
of sky news did see the violence firsthand. the protesters out on the streets every single day and night according to stewart's reporting. but equally the snipers, the government snipers also on those same streets. listen to this. >> they -- you can hear in the background, that has been fairly continuous for the last 15 minutes or so. these streets should be full of people. they are not. they are hiding in alli ways. every time something comes out. goes quiet for a while the shooting starts again. >> stewart ramsey also saw the victims of that shooting. we should have video of that. some of them young men. they make up the majority of the protesters. but also as you can see there, little children caught in the crossfires. bullets clearly have no respect for age, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt as the spring there turns to winter. the owners of a mine, new owners of a mine where an explosion killed 29 men have just agreed to pay the largest settlement ever for a mining
4:25 pm
disaster. $210 million. officials say the money is to go to the victims' families and to help pay for safety improvements. the feds say the upper big branch mine in west virginia had a record of more than 300 violations. including a dozen that it reports contributed to the blast in april of 2010. so far only one person has faced criminal charges. prosecutors say they are still investigating. and that nobody is off the hook just yet. the cash crisis in europe has been hitting 401(k)s here at home very hard. so what's our treasury secretary say about whether your money should go to help save their economy? a live report on that coming up. plus, this guy over here. where is he? he is over here actually. not you. but this guy came within inches of assassinating a sitting united states president. coming up, who is arguing the man who shot president reagan deserves more freedom from his mental hospital?
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>> shepard: new protests now over accusations of vote rigging in russia's parliamentary election. one volunteer says he has proof of the fraud. he claims this is video of an election worker filling out blank ballots. the worker denied it but refused to hand over all the papers from his desk. election officials now say it was indeed fraud and that the worker could face charges. thousands of demonstrators
4:30 pm
hitting the streets for a second day of protests of this election. they are also calling for the prime minister vladimir putin to get out, step down. he is planning to run for his old job of president next year. the party took a beating in the elections but protesters claim the real results may be even worse. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. how much of your money should the united states pay to help save europe's economy? according to the treasure secretary tim geithner, none of it. he is in germany today meeting with european leaders. geithner says the united states has no plans to use taxpayer cash to bail out europe's failing economy. instead, we're told, his trip abroad is to pressure the continent's leaders to solve their own crisis and solve it quickly. this comes as key credit rating agencies standard and poor's threatens to downgrade
4:31 pm
15 countries that use the euro as well as europe's bailout fund. of course, the crisis there has been affecting u.s. market for months. stocks were mixed today. the nasdaq -- i should say the dow up. the nasdaq down and the s&p up but only a fraction. let's get to the question. could and should american cash be used to help solve europe's crisis? for that we turn to the fox business network peter barnes who is live in washington. could the taxpayers be on the hook here, peter? or is geithner saying no way? >> well, the administration says not for anymore than they already are, shepard. the latest report from a german newspaper was that the federal reserve would help the international monetary fund with european bailouts. geithner said today that was not accurate. >> shepard: what's the -- what is geithner saying about the imf's involvement here? >> well, here are the numbers. the u.s. currently has about $85 billion invested in the
4:32 pm
imf. and in 2009, approved 100 billion-dollar credit line to the imf. the taxpayers, the u.s. taxpayers stand behind all of that. now, the imf currently has about $400 billion in available resources to help europe, if need be, including that u.s. funding, geithner sounded today like the u.s. might not oppose that. >> imf has been playing a very important role in this crisis so far. we expect that to continue. of course, the imf exists in some ways for this purpose. it's to help the members -- its members meet their financial needs, provided they are willing to meet the imf's conditions. >> but geithner aides continue to say that the administration has no plans to ask congress for any new taxpayer contributions to the imf to assist europe. shep? >> shepard: peter barnes, live in washington. peter, thanks. hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the bankrupt securities firm mf
4:33 pm
global may be gone for good. mf global is the brokerage firm that filed for bankruptcy about a month ago. up to $1.2 billion in customer investments is still missing and feared gone. sources tell the fox business network varies are now coming to the conclusion that all that cash is gone, unrecoverable. this comes as some of mf global's former employees are suing their one time boss jon corzine. they say he and other executives at mf global didn't come clean about bad bets on europe's finances. the company went under after betting more than $6 billion on european debt. and the workers who are suing say executives told them there was only minimal risk associated with this gamble. but the "wall street journal," which is owned by the parent company of our network, has a report today that indicates executives were well aware of the risks that they were taking. doug mckelway with the news. he is live in washington this evening. one executive reportedly, at least we're learning today, warned repeatedly of the risks here. >> he did.
4:34 pm
his name is michael roseman, he was m.f. global' chief risk officer. despite repeated warnings to corzine and investors. sovereign debt rose from $1.5 billion in late 2010 to $6.3 billion just before the company declared bankruptcy on october 31st. >> that's why you have safeguards in place. that's why you have a chief risk officer. that's why you have a board. i think the real feelings were that you had a number of people within mf global, throughout the process, stop and say wait a second. pretty high concentration of risk. what are we doing here? >> and still there is no answer to what happened to that $1.2 billion in missing customers' money. shep? >> shepard: congress is apparently hoping to find out because they have subpoenaed the one-time governor and one-time senator of new jersey who ran the firm, jon corzine. >> yeah. late this afternoon the senate agriculture committee voted unanimously to subpoena corzine just as the house agriculture committee voted
4:35 pm
earlier to do. he had resisted all invitations to appear voluntarily. one senator calling the subpoena unprecedented in the history of the agriculture committee. corzine's first appearance will be this coming thursday. on the house side followed by an appearance on the senate side five days later. many expect him to plead the fifth amendment against self-incrimination. shep? >> shepard: doug mckelway live in washington. doug, thank you. a judge in d.c. hearing more testimony today on behalf of the man who shot president ronald reagan back in 1981, john hinckley jr. has remained in a mental hospital for some 30 years now. but doctors have recently let him out on short trips. now, relatives say he deserves even more leave. prosecutors argued john hinckley jr. has a deceptive personality and needs to stay put. trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom this afternoon. hinckley is considered insane still, right? >> yeah. the psychiatrist says that he is still insane but she also testified today, shep, that he
4:36 pm
has a low level of mental health disease. she says that his psychotic disorder and depressive disorder is actually in remission though he still needs his medication. right now, john hinckley jr. spends about 10 days a month at his mother's home in williamsburg, virginia. the hospital wants to increase that to 17 days a month at first and then if that goes well up to 26 days a month and eventually he would live with his mom full time and, of course, the prosecutors say they do not want john hinckley jr. to have any more freedom at all, shep. >> shepard: what happens if, well, if something happens to his mom? where would he go then? >> that's what the prosecutors keep asking in court. and the answer seems to be that nobody knows. his mother is 85 years old. and though she appears to be in pretty good health, she is 85 john hinckley is 65 years old. his sister testified today that when his mom i dos that he should be able to live alone in an apartment or a condominium. she lives in dallas and says that hinckley cannot live with her because he is too far away
4:37 pm
from his hospital for one and that would look bad if he lived in the city where jfk was assassinated and only a short distance away from george w. bush. so it looks very likely that sometime in the future, john hinckley jr. will live on his own, shep. >> trace gallagher in l.a. trace, thank you. the war in afghanistan. guess what the cost is now. nearly a half trillion dollars. and now the military is reportedly paying up to $400 per gallon of gas. $400 a gallon. we will tell you why coming up. plus today on planet blago, have you got to be kidding me do you know what your lawyer said today? do you even know? financial advice is everywhere.
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planet blago had an earthquake. it s. it possible the lawyers could be wrong. his lawyers admd he is guilty of a bunch of crimes. admitted guilt. that's a first. the former illinois governor rob blagojevich's wife asked the judge to please be merciful when he sentences her husband on multiple corruption convictions. prosecutors say our blago should serve between 15 and 20 years in the jail. and there are signs that the judge will not go easy on the disgraced lawmaker. at a pre-sentencing hearing today in chicago, the judge said it is clear the governor new what he was doing when he tried to sell president obama's former senate seat, among other things. poor blago. the judge referring to portions of the fbi wiretaps that helped seal our blago's fate. >> i'm left with gridlock a [bleep] speaker. potential impeachment and a [bleep] president who is all take and no give. >>
4:42 pm
>> shepard: certainly guilty of potty mouth. today for the first time i mentioned the lawyers acknowledged that he did indeed was a crime but does not justify 20 years in prison. far from it. mike tobin is live with the news in chicago. it was certainly a change in defense tactics and they have quite a request. >> it was pretty interesting. they certainly changed tactics, the defense team telling the judge what blagojevich did was wrong. then they went after the heart strings. his attorney, aaron goldstein says blagojevich does not deserve mercy but his family does. he then read a letter that he said was written by blago's daughter. amy blagojevich. it says i will not be able to handle my father not being around that she needs him when she graduates high school and when her heart gets broken. now, patty blagojevich wiped tears from her face. she also wrote a letter. it said that the punishment blagojevich fears the most is not being around when his daughters grow up, shep. >> shepard: all right, please tell us that our blago will be testifying in court in some
4:43 pm
way one last time. >> you know, he has always got the option of backing down. the plan is for him to address the court shortly after proceedings get underway tomorrow. and some of the jurors from the trial are now watching the sentencing as spectators. one of them said today there is something that he can say that will win him points. >> maybe an apology would be good. you know, admitting at least some wrongdoing on his part would be probably deserving maybe of a little leniency. maintaining his position of complete innocence probably detrimental. >> the government is asking that he get 15 to 20 years in prison. shep? >> shepard: mike tobin near the planet in chicago. mike, thanks. afghanistan's president calling today's bloody bomb attacks unprecedented in scope there. officials say a bomber blew himself up in the shrine in the city of kabul. dozens of shiite worshipers killeds they celebrated a
4:44 pm
major holiday. another attack in another nearby city. all poll tolled at least 60 shiite muslims killed and many, many more hurt. we're told it's afghanistan's worse sectarian assault in more than a decade. officials there are blaming the taliban and terrorists but a taliban spokesperson has condemned today's attacks. the dangerous situation on the ground there forcing the u.s. military to send supplies in on cargo planes instead of in trucks. and the costs are said to be adding up in an enormous way. just getting fuel into afghanistan now reportedly runs u.s. taxpayers as much as $400 a gallon. that's according to a report in today's edition of the "wall street journal" which is owned by the parent company of this note work. we are told the pentagon must rely on expensive parachute drops after afghanistan closed key border crossing into afghanistan last month. that closure in retaliation against the united states for a nato strike that killed 24 pakistani troops.
4:45 pm
a fox weather center. we are tracking a fast moving winter storm that's about to mess things up for millions of you. set to slam the eastern part of the country by this time tomorrow night. forecasters warn this one could be the tip of the iceberg. the first of several storms expected to hit the region before christmas. hello, december. our meteorologist janice dean is with us. it looks like this has left a real mess in the southwest. i guess parts of new mexico got a foot of snow? >> yes. let's take a look at the map. we saw 12 inches in alamo, new mexico some of the lower elevations got a couple of inches. record lows overnight single digits in some cases for some the big cities north and west in new mexico and albuquerque. take a look at the storm system over the last 48 hours. see the snow just falling across albuquerque, some of the roads you could not drive, zero visibility in some cases. they shut the roadways down. a lot of schools were out. you can see that storm system moving to am morrill low in
4:46 pm
oklahoma city and guess where it moves across the ohio river valley and then. >> shepard: straight to the population centers. washington, philly, new york, boston. how much are we talking about? >> it's too warm for the big cities to get any snow. see the temperatures right now. look at new york 61. >> shepard: that's today though. talking about a day or two. >> the ground is still warm. the snow will fall and melt more likely. look at what we are dealing with. this is one of the reliable computer models, 2 to 3 inches, four inches in isolated areas. some of the big cities could see flash flood watches and warnings. interior sections 3 to 6 maybe 12 inches of snow in the mountains. >> shepard: enjoy. >> it's december. >> shepard: shep it is december. nice to see you. a push to ban nuclear power in the state of california. that could leave millions of people in the dark and cost taxpayers billions of dollars, we're led to believe. voters may have to decide if the risk outweighs the benefit. that's coming up inside fox
4:47 pm
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>> shepard: if the feds can't find a permanent storage solution for nuclear waste. california could lose one of its most reliable power sources. that's the warning from antinuke activists now working on a ballot initiative. it's one that would shut down the state's only two nuclear plants. they provide electricity to as many as four and a half million people. supporters of the measure argue it's a safety issue. opponents warn the economy is at stake. they say a shut down could cost taxpayers more than $4 billion and could mean round 2 of those rolling blackouts that folks must remember from the year 2000's energy crisis. adam housley is live in our west coast news hub this afternoon. a lot of debate depends on
4:51 pm
whether this even makes it on the ballot. >> yeah, shepard. you know, they have to get 500,000 signatures, just a little more than that by the middle of april. absolutely doable. all the other processes going forward to get on the ballot doing the same thing. they believe they will get those signatures. if they do, it goes on to the ballot. you mentioned if these two plants are shut down, that assumes it gets on the ballot and that the voters vote in favor of it, it would take away by some estimates 16% of california's energy, shepard. >> shepard: you know, they are pointing the ones who want to take this away, to the disaster in japan. >> yeah. they are. it's the same guy who used this back in the late 1980s chernobyl. he used this tactic to get voters to shut down the other plant in california. california used to have three nuclear plants. they shut down rancho sake co-in 1989. used that back then. he said it worked this time as well. thos of course, who defend nuclear energy say that's a bad idea.
4:52 pm
take a listen. >> those two nuclear complexes alone provide more than four times as much power as all of the solar and wind farms in the state of california combined. so, if we are going to take those off line and get rid of that zero carbon and zero emissions power we have got to replace it with something. >> we are like a mirror image of japan on the pacific. it's forefront of every californian's mind that the risks of this power and the unknowns of the risks of this power just are not worth the benefits we're gaining from it. >> shepard, it is causing a lot of controversy here in california. of course, we will know whether or not it's on the ballot by the middle of april and whether those signatures do come into the secretary of state's office, shepard. >> shepard: adam housley in los angeles. thanks. volcano blows its top and it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. indonesia, heavy rain was falling at the time, so all that ash from the eruption turned into mud.
4:53 pm
you can see the trouble that caused. fast moving flows of the stuff forcing mass evacuations and temporarily closing a nearby airport. no word of anybody hurt. a scientist said the volcano last erupted in 2003. iraq. a series of bomb attacks targeting shiite pilgrims reportedly killing at least 30 people across the country. police and witnesses claim most victims were women and children. the attacks come as american troops prepare to get out of there by the end of the year. kenya. an unusually heavy rainy season triggering floods in parts of the country. officials blame the flooding for 15 deaths. it comes following the country's worst drought in decades. israel. archaeologists discovering stone carvings at an excavation site in jerusalem. we are told they can't explain them. >> it's a mystery because we
4:54 pm
don't know what did it. >> shepard: you can see them there. three large v shapes. researchers say the marking could be at least 2800 years old and may have helped support some sort of wooden structure. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> alec baldwin is mad. he says american airlines booted him off a flight because he was playing a game on his cell phone. now he has a few words for the airline that apparently had no affection for his in-flight gaming. baldwin is now all atwitter and that's next. fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm
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on the network they deserve. like the powful droid char by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. >> shepard: you are watching america's leading news on cable "the fox report." the actor alec baldwin says american airlines said kicked off because he wouldn't quit playing the game. flight attendant on american reamed me out for playing words with friends while we sat at the gate.
4:58 pm
not moving. you can see he added the hash tag no wonder america air is bankrupt. spokesman says the actor caught a different american flight. american airlines delivered this tweet. mr. baldwin please direct message us contact information. before we go, our team top five things of the day, number five a new pill promises to cure holiday hangovers. the over-the-counter ms contain caffeine and aspirin to help with morning after headaches. billy graham out of hospital. doctors had been treating the 93-year-old for pneumonia. the feds hitting a new owner of the west virginia bhin a 10.8-million-dollar fine after a blast killed 29 miners there last year. that fine separate from a record 209-million-dollar settlement that the owners just reached with u.s. attorneys. number two, the government considering new rules that could make the contraception
4:59 pm
pill known as plan b more easily accessible without a prescription. number one, u.s. marshalls today captured a fugitive in new hampshire after five days on the run. they say he escaped jail to carry out a violent mission of revenge. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1884, workers placed a 9-inch pyramid on the tower of white marble to complete the monument to the nation's first president. it took decades to complete the washington monument. there were funding problems in the whole civil war thing. during one delay the arthur mark tywain even called the unfinished monument hollow oversized chimney but when workers finally finished stacking some 36,000 blocks of marble and granite the a 55-foot tall monument was the tallest structure in the world. in 1901 washington, d.c. passing a law banning construction of anything taller. workers finished tribute to the father of the nation 127


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